To Stream or not to Stream

I have the basic streaming set up and have occasionally streamed our raids, mostly just so other people in my guild can see what the heck is going on.  Lately I’ve debating putting more time into streaming…start using a camera and get some art on my twitch page.  One thing that holds me back is the amount of trolling that female gamers seem to get.  I would not be your typical popular female streamer with loads of make up and pink hair (although I am a big fan of Pokket) it’s just not my style.  I look like…well a mom!  And I’m proud of who I am.  Is being a streamer really for people like me?  Would anyone want to watch someone with no makeup?

I’ve been thinking about what I, personally, would get out of streaming.  Streaming is mainly thought of a way to create entertainment and make some money.  What if I don’t care if I make a dime and don’t want to put out anything that is not authentically me?  What would I get out of it then?

My dad is a creative streamer and has been doing it since earlier this year.  He really  enjoys the social aspect of streaming and has an active chat room most nights that he’s on and will talk about the projects that he’s working on.  He loves to educate and make recommendations for what type of projects that he’s been using.

I think what draws me to it is learning how the whole thing works.  I find a lot of joy in learning new things and being able to use what I learn to do some cool things.  Maybe I’ll go through the motions of setting everything up and making it look nice.  I’m so curious about this whole world of streaming and I want to know more about it from all angles.



6 thoughts on “To Stream or not to Stream

  1. It is hard to know, isn’t it? I don’t watch Streamers. I did once and watched the girl with the cleavage; it was my first choice and seemed obvious at the time. But, I don’t watch them or have any interest in them. I don’t FEEL like I have attitude but I don’t watch talent shows or reality on television either. Not my cup of tea,
    However, I do endorse trying it for the experience of doing it. Finding out how to put the person in the little box, to talk non-stop about what you are doing, creating a persona with an over-the-top personality might be fun to attempt. Learning the technique and craftsmanship that goes into steaming could be fun, no matter the product.


    1. We love to watch streams in my house. However we tend to turn it off when my daughter is awake since most streamers use curse words that we’d prefer my toddler not repeat. I think that’s how I’ll go into it. Its a new experience that I’m opening myself up to for hopefully a positive experience.


  2. It really depends on the viewers you want to attract. There’s a demographic that watch for the personality (or more often than not, the intentionally exposed cleavage) and there’s those watching to see a game being played. I personally keep away from those over the top personality streamers and those that feel they have to use makeup to attract an audience.
    I just started playing with streaming again and I use neither camera or commentary right now.

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    1. The hand full of times that I have streamed I believe I knew all of the people watching. I know that the streamers that I watch almost all of them use cameras and I may or may not want too. I’m definitely not going to primp for the camera if I do lol.


  3. I streamed for a while. World of warcraft is a hard market to stream in, but if your readers support your streams, you should do okay. Who cares about the rest? If it makes you happy, then I say go for it. I will not be going back to streaming until I have a dedicated room to stream in, I did find it enjoyable but my current setup (I have a three room house with 2 teenage sons),my PC resides in the living room next to my recliner. As soon as my oldest goes off to college I will be taking over his room to stream. As you may have noticed I have started writing a story about my characters in Azeroth. My stream will be based on this and will become an interactive way to become part of the story. I have so many plans.

    Back to the original point. In my opinion you should definitely do it, if is going to make you happy.

    A few pitfalls I should warn you about.
    -Being interactive with the audience is the number one priority in a stream.
    -A schedule must be held (if your favorite tv show came on wed. at 8pm every week and then one day it just stopped coming on, come to find out it was randomly moved to sat. at 9am, you would probably be upset and stop watching.
    -Be yourself, especially since you already have a presence with this blog. Nothing worse than watching a fraud.
    -Have fun, if you are not having fun, the audience will sense it and turn. Not to mention, if you are not having fun whats the point?


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