10 Reasons to play WoW Classic

A lot has changed in wow classic since the start of 2021 and you may be wondering: is wow classic worth getting into now?  Lucky for you, today is one of the best days that you could get started. Today I’m going to talk about the reasons why NOW is one of the best times to get into wow classic. We will go over some of the reasons you may want to play and some suggestions for selecting a server or “realm” that is right for you. 

World of Warcraft population has always been a cyclical thing when it comes to player activity. You typically see spikes in in game activity at three major times during the game’s life.  These are:

  • When the game first comes out and usually for several months following 
  • Spike in population during expansion pack announcements.
  • Increase in player activity in the month or two leading up to the expansion, especially if there is a pre-patch that majorly changes the game like we will be getting at the end of WoW Classic.

 You may wonder why you should care about increases of player activity. For MMOs they are the most fun when there are a lot of players out in the world. They are designed to be played with other people and the social aspect of the game is what makes mmos special. 

So in no particular order here are 10 reasons to play wow classic right now

  1. The burning crusade is coming this year! So now is your last chance for a good long while to experience wow classic…unless you want to lock your character to vanilla.  But if you plan to play the burning crusade go get your fill of the base game now before your server has progressed.  
  2. a lot of players are returning to the game making group quests and dungeons popular activities again. The best times to play WoW Classic are between now in the first few months of the burning crusade
  3. Player coordinated rerolling events on several servers, these are great events to participate in for new players that haven’t played the game before, those that are looking for a new group to play with and those that were looking for a fresh start
  4. Play different classes and Figure out what you like and don’t like. Even if you plan on playing a blood elf or draenei now could be time spent getting acclimated with the game. I’ll admit that I’ve been in love with the same handful of classes since wow first released back in 2004, but i’m using my time to try out classes I’ve never played before and I’m finding it refreshing to play something new.
  5. Experiment with professions. Professions are for way more than just player power and I think sometimes people forget that. There are a lot of profession specific activities that open up depending on the professions that you choose. Being able to gather with skinning, herbalism and mining opens up a whole new element of gameplay. Engineering has a plethora of toys you can use, and your tailoring, leatherwork, blacksmithing, etc have in game items you can create for yourself and to sell to those who will be needing new, more powerful items.
  6. Play with friends (old and make some new friends) – since the announcement of the burning crusade I’ve seen a lot of my friends start playing again and some of them have even rolled a character on my server!  It’s exciting! I’m excited. Even random people that you group with while playing you can keep track of with the friends list. You can add them to your list by typing /friend and their name
  7. Do some level 60 raids if you have never experienced them.  This one is pretty low on the list for me, I know that there is a lot of emphasis on raiding in the game but I think right now isn’t when I would want to start out in a new raiding guild. But there are a lot of pick up groups or PUGs that would take new players. So go experience molten core or blackwing lair while you can, they won’t be run as much once the burning crusade comes out.
  8. Do some pvp!  In the burning crusade we see the systems around pvp change on a huge level.  We see the introduction of area matches, pvp specific gear (that you get by participating in pvp) and we will see a lot more organized teams playing when you are at level 60. So go dabble a bit now. I have had the most fun making my shaman elemental and just blowing kids up, yes you can hate me if you want but i love it. We will also see a huge shift as the talent trees get changed during the pre patch, so that might be pretty fun too since people will be playing with a whole new set of rules for their class.
  9. Finish leveling that character you have been meaning to up to 60, if you plan on playing the character in the burning crusade or plan on having that one extra tailoring or alchemy cooldown, now is a better time to work on that character so that you are free to level up once the dark portal opens
  10. Get prepared for the game past 60 (or 58) This could involve leveling up professions, gathering some consumables that will make you more powerful during your leveling in outlands. You can also fill up your quest log with completed quests to give yourself a small jump in experience at the very start. 

How to pick a WoW Classic server that is right for you

I like to start with the population and faction balance of a server

  • https://ironforge.pro/servers/ – shows how many people are playing based on those that are raiding.  Of course not everyone that plays wow is raiding but it is a good indicator as to how populated a server is.
  • you can also use the in-game launcher to tell you the server population but this won’t show you the balance between factions

Here are some pros and cons to each different server level

High (skewed to your faction)  – pros

The higher the pop, the more people there are to play with.  This is great for participating in group quests and dungeon groups.  This way you don’t need to be that annoying friend that always asks for boosts.  (Dude I’m a healer, isn’t we any to try and carry you through wailing caverns).      

High  (skewed to your faction)  – con

Along with high population servers you have more competition for open world farming.  This includes herbs, minerals, and killing mobs out in the world.

There may be server queues during peak times such as the first week or so of a new expansion or dungeon release.

High  (skewed to the opposing faction)

Less people to play with and you have the same competition for open world resources.  One pro i could see with playing the lesser played faction on PVP servers at least is you would have a lot of open world pvp activity, so if you like fighting out in the world you won’t have any shortage of opponents buuuut you may have a better overall experience if you chose a server that was more balanced between the factions

Now lets talk about medium and low pop servers

Medium population servers

There will be more resources out in the open world. So if you are someone that likes to farm their on herbs or kill things for your own cloth, it will be much easier on a medium pop server.

When you play on a medium population server you should have no trouble finding a group during the high volume times, so that is when new patches go live and open up new raids or dungeons. As time goes on it will be harder to form pick up groups and you may need to plan your time in advanced like planning to do a certain dungeon at 8 o’clock on a Tuesday with your guild. You can still get your group activities done but it will take more effort on your part.

Low population servers

Low population servers are great for the solo player. If you want to just go out into the world and play wow like a single player RPG with occasional guest stars this may be the server type for you. On low pop servers you will have a much easier time farming out in the world but you may have trouble finding groups for dungeons or raids.  I was talking to one of my friends who plays on a low pop server and he spent several hours both creating a group and then completing a sunken temple run.  And this was after the announcement of tbc which is a bit concerning.  Of course this is just one anecdote, but your mileage may very.

What I recommend for your next WoW Classic server

My first choice will always be to play on a higher population server, overtime the population of the high pop servers will always be stable. They offer a greater number of options of schedules for both dungeon and raid activities.  

If I were to pick a pvp server I would want to choose a medium pop well balanced server and I would want to bring some friends. This way I would hopefully stand a chance in a scuffle, assuming that I’m playing 1v1 against someone and on a well balanced server I would have a good chance of running into players of the opposing faction.

What are you waiting for? GO PLAY!

I hope by now I’ve convinced you that now is the perfect time to get into wow classic, and it will continue to be a great time to get into the game until player activity begins to wane, hopefully late into the burning crusade expansion.

One thought on “10 Reasons to play WoW Classic

  1. Wow, pretty thorough guide! Luckily I don’t need any convincing, I am having a blast with WoW Classic. So much that I wish TBC is getting delayed…


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