Gold Making Basics in WOW Classic | TSM | Alchemy and how I made 20,000g in the past 30 days

For the past year I’ve been obsessed with playing World of Warcraft Classic. I spend so much time reading about, researching and playing the game. I’ve been venturing out into some video editing which is new for me. It was more of an experiment in a new media but the response I got to my video was mostly positive so I thought I’d share here 🙂

In my video I talk a little bit about WoW Classic crafting basics including:

  1. Why Thunderbluff is so great for crafting and using the AH
  2. What to make in game that sells
  3. How to easily calculate the profitability of things
  4. The importance of saving your money

I also go over my mini TSM checklist

  • Open AH and type “/tsm scan” to update prices
  • Select profitable items to make
  • Search raw materials for that crafted item
  • Add crafting batch to the Queue
  • Gathering tab for any missing materials
  • Craft!
  • Continue to browse AH for things to make
  • List auctions

What’s next for Diary of a Guild Leader?

Ironically, all of the time required to fulfill my guild leader duties left me with little free time to create guides and tell stories about my experience in the game. Since I no longer am leading a guild (a story I’ll tell one of these days once I cool off) I have a lot more desire to make the type of content that I can be proud to share. I always think it’s silly when content creators apologize for taking breaks from creating like they’re some regularly scheduled tv show. Know that this is a passion project for me and I refuse to create or maintain a schedule of creating stuff if I don’t feel that I can make something original, exciting to me or useful to all of you. That being said I have been bitten by the inspiration bug and have a lot of things in the works so keep an eye out for me in the future 🙂

If you enjoyed my video, please subscribe to my youtube channel and look for more to come.

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