Mage solo mara/zf tips

You are probably reading this because you are frustrated and keep dying doing your mage solo pulls. Let me tell you right now, you are not alone. Even the guys that make youtube videos that make it look so easy spent hours and hours messing up and dying before they could get to a point of mastering the pull.

Let me preface this by saying that I am not a mage solo pull master but I do enjoy learning the pulls and flexing on my non-mage friends.  So to everyone who is new to doing solo pulls in dungeons, these are the tips I wish I knew when I was first starting out.   

Here is me, lying dead after a failed jump

Bring more consumables that you think you need

This includes health pots, bandages, nature or shadow protection potions, magic resistance potions and the big ones that can really save your butt are Limited Invulnerability Potions. If you are working on a solo pull that requires additional run speed remember that you can grab one Swiftness of Zanza, use it and then grab a second one for when you need it.  This just saves you a trip.

Practice the Jump

Before you pull any mobs you want to get to your kill spot and practice the jump.  Do this until you feel like you can make this jump without falling (and dying). It is the worst when you have spent hours trying to gather the mobs and FINALLY get to the kill spot to immediately fall and die. 

Now add a few mobs

Once you feel comfortable with jumping around the kill spot, pull a few mobs, get them to the kill spot and practice controlling the pack with a rank 1 blizzard. Do this until you feel comfortable with the kite

Learn the pull

So now it’s time to start learning the pull, the first couple of times you are doing the pull, focus on controlling your pack.  You might miss some of the mobs and that’s ok, don’t expect that you will have a perfect pull your first few times going through.  Your goal on these first few pulls is to practice the path that you are going to take and make it to the kill spot.

And there you have the basics for learning dungeon solo pulls. Now is where repetition is your best friend. Once you can reliably finish these solo pulls you may want to find ways to improve either your time to kill or your mob count. You can use the in-game timer if you just want a basic stopwatch while you are working on your pulls.  You can also use a weak aura or nova instance tracker to keep track of your time and also your mob count.

If you have specific problems you can always ask for help from mages that know this stuff better than you do. I’ve spent many a late-night session having a mage buddy watch me do my pulls via the discord screen share. Remember that no one person is going to have all the answers, if what someone suggests doesn’t work you can try another friend.  For example, I was working on making my mara solo pull better and some of my packs were resetting. I figured out which ones by running back through the dungeon after I was finished.

If you don’t know anyone in the game that can do the mage solo pulls, try asking the community either on the mage discord or on the classicwow subreddit. Include as much information as you can or even a video. There are a lot of helpful people out there that want to help you…but saying help! I suck at mage!  Why I no live!? That’s not helpful information and not going to get you a reasonable solution to your problem. 

I hope that these tips out there help all you aspiring solo pullers out there to get started and stop dying.

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