Project TBC (part 2): WoW Level Locking at 70 to play TBC

Project TBC is a community driven challenge in World of Warcraft where participants will level up to 70 and then lock their XP.  You can read more about Project TBC in one of  my recent posts here

What Have I Been Doing in Game?

I got my Paladin to level 70 and locked my XP and then began to work on this character’s “modified endgame”. In our group, we choose to not adhere to the typical hardcore restrictions that usually goes along with these types of projects. The goal was not to try to recreate an authentic experience. We just wanted to run around and do the raids!

The main self-imposed restrictions were that we were to level authentically, not using high level alts to assist with leveling, and we were restricted to the classes that were available during TBC time.  We had a couple people who didn’t really listen and rolled up with monks in our first raid, but I don’t think anyone was mad about it. 

Getting Geared up

Since we are not the first group of people to do this type of level locking challenge, there were a lot of good resources out on the web where people had already done the theorycrafting to determine what you should be doing.  Keep in mind the current version of World of Warcraft may still look like your typical Burning Crusade experience, but the character design and gearing is completely different. 

It was determined that heroic blue gear was superior to some of the earlier raid epics. I was able to find a very thorough list of best in slot gear if our goal is to over power our characters and smash some dragons.

Level 70 BIS Gear List –

How to twink at level 70 –

Farming for Ourselves

One of the more challenging parts of playing in old content is how little of the older trade materials are available.  If you want the raw materials to craft anything you will likely need to farm them yourself. I spent several hours on Sunday farming enough herbs to make a 100 haste potions and I don’t even know how long I should expect those to last.

Even if there is the odd item that you can use on the auction house, it is typically way overpriced due to low supply and sporadic need.

At least professions are structured in a way that I am able to pick up herbalism and mining and immediately start collecting what I need. I can just as easily drop one of these professions once I have a good stockpile of items and pick up enchanting to turn all my unneeded gear into enchanting materials for gear enhancements.

Getting Raid Ready

The first hurdle is getting enough people interested in playing through this content.  Next you need to do the legwork to have an acceptable level of gear and other preparations done.  My very first raid with my Paladin was done just hours after I had hit level 70. I barely knew what I was doing and ended up having some performance issues due to not researching my class prior to our raid.

Goals For This Week

  • Continue to farm the remaining blue items I need from dungeons
  • Gem and enchant my gear
  • Get a proper transmog – my outfit is scary

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