Barely doing Mythic + dungeons

So I used to think that gaming was going the way of catering to the more casual gamer.  Although, what I’m finding is that I can play some of the things but I’m punished for playing as little as I do.

Back in Wrath of the Lichking people lamented the use of addons like Gear Score and to our surprise Blizzard thought that scoring system for ranking a player’s overall gear was a good idea and implemented it into their base game and call it item level.  You can view a person’s item level when you are using the group finder addon and it is one of the few pieces of information that you see along with their name, class and role.  If you want to take your selectiveness to the next level you can use a website and addon called RaiderIO In theory this type of system is great for weeding out the inexperienced and poor performing players.  There was the occasion where I wish I had more information on the people that I was partying with people who end up freaking out in chat and then leaving.

The way that Raider IO scores a player is a little bit odd.  You get points based on how many mythic + dungeons you complete during the current week and you get more points for completing a variety of dungeons.  You get more points for completing these dungeons with a favorable time but you are penalized if you had a great completion the week prior and did not run that same dungeon this week.  So, in order to maintain your score you must continually do the dungeons.  I currently have a score of 211 which is considered pretty low, I have completed 4 dungeons for the week which were all between level 7 through 9.  If I had time I could complete a bunch of +4 or +5 with a great time and that would give me a better score than simply completing the 9 that I did where we didn’t make the time.  I don’t really get any points for completing raid bosses which is where my focus is for now.

I don’t have a ton of time this week to run these dungeons but I do plan on the future to do some sort of experiment.  I play a desired class for dungeons due to our roots and slows (frost mage) and I shouldn’t have trouble finding groups with my gear.  I want to run some +4/+5 dungeons and see how that effects my score.  I’m viewing my raiderio score as a metagame within World of Warcraft and while I’m a bit angry that I’m being excluded from groups based on this score, I would probably exclude players as well if I were the one making the group and wanted to succeed.

All of this being said, I love the mythic keystone system and its ability to challenge you.  I do want to form a more consistent group to do these so that I can do better.  I really need more practice since I’m a little fuzzy on the mechanics of all the trash and the boss fights.  There is a lot of information to remember and running through these dungeons more will definitely help with this.

What are your thoughts on scoring players based on a point system?  Do you find it helpful or hurtful?  How could raiderio be improved?

7 thoughts on “Barely doing Mythic + dungeons

  1. The system is flawed. There was someone being critical of the people having issues with current Shadowpriest design, tossing out comments like we’re fine, I didn’t have any issues in my 365 gear doing a heroic raid. Then someone pointed out they only had 1 heroic run, and most likely paid for it. I could drop a few million gold and get a complete Mythic Uldir carry with all the loot I could carry, the AoTC achievement, etc. my score would have people jumping to get me in a group. It wouldn’t mean I’m a great player. Just that my score was high.

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  2. A few weeks ago, the first week of Mythic Plus dungeons; I ran a 0 and got a Freehold 10 Key. Way, way above my gear grade. However, two in my guild said “I want a piece of that” intending to do the dungeon even if it took two hours. Fine by me. We tried to pug in two other players but they refused because they didn’t want to tarnish their score.
    Now, that is all fine with me — however, it could have been a fun thing to try and to meet new people while facing an over-whelming challenge.
    As long as your score isn’t so precious that you don’t take chances — it is a good system.


    1. I’m i the bash my head against the wall camp as well. We did wipe in a +10 the other night with a healer that has no business doing that level of content. We didn’t even make it past the second boss. I also understand wanting to make the most of your in game time. No one wants to join a group that can’t complete the dungeon. How else do we get the purples?

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  3. Hi there. Jah from RaiderIO here. I wanted to clarify a few things about how our scoring system works.

    A character’s score is made up of the sum of the BEST score they have earned in each of the current season’s dungeons. This means right now at the start of BFA you have 10 “slots” for points. To improve your score you should complete a dungeon’s keys at a higher level or faster time than what you had already done.

    Spamming the same dungeons will not increase your score. You increase your score by running keys at higher levels or same level but faster times. Running lower dungeons or dungeons over time will never decrease your score.

    This setup allows you to build your score up over time by making the rounds through all the dungeons. If you have the RaiderIO addon installed you will see alongside your Dungeon Finder window a small frame that shows your “M+ Profile”, which basically just means it shows the highest recorded run you have for each dungeon. This is intended to help make it easier to find dungeons to run that have potential to increase your score. (Note: If you also use the RaiderIO client we show more details about the runs, and update more frequently).

    If you are trying to optimize your score the initial goal should be to complete something within each dungeon. Since your overall score is the sum of your best score from each dungeon, it means that when you haven’t run a dungeon at all, then it is contributing 0 points to your score.

    So let’s say your best Freehold is a 1-star +5. This will contribute roughly 50 points to your score. If you then run a +6 (roughly 60 points) that you complete with 1-star, then this becomes your new best run for that dungeon and your overall score will increase by the difference of these values. Meaning you would gain: – points: 60 – 50 = 10 additional points to your score.

    We recognize that as more people are using our system that there is some confusion about how it all actually works, leading to people thinking running a lower dungeon will cause them to lose score (which is completely false). We will look into ways to help educate people better on how our platform currently works.


      1. No, that does not sound correct. We don’t have any sort of week to week decay in point value. If your friends insist this was happening then I’d appreciate if you could point them to our Discord ( or our support system so we can get to the bottom of that.

        But I expect there is actually something else at play here. In a typical scenario there is no way to “lose” points once they have been tracked by our system and added to your character. The only exceptions to these rules are:

        – If you transfer / rename your character there is a period of time were your points may not have transferred over. We have steps you can take here to make sure they are recovered, and we have a support site to help cover the stranger cases.

        – In rare circumstances we will banish a run from the leaderboards/rankings. This happened in Legion when after one patch hunter pets were getting buffed with the same damage/health scaling buffs that mobs in M+ get buffed with. There were a handful of egregious cases where players completed keys they never would have been able to without the bug.

        There are a couple ongoing problems right now that do cause some weird behavior with keys not showing up, which likely helps confuse the situation:

        – There is a bug in the Blizzard API where many characters show up as “Unknown”. This makes it very difficult to know who actually ran that dungeon, but we’ve implement some special workaround that help in many cases. The end effect is that sometimes you might run a dungeon and it we will not be able to credit you, because on the leaderboard/API you show up as “Unknown”.

        – There is a cap on the number of runs that Blizzard shows in their API for each dungeon. This is one of our biggest challenges right now, since M+ has been very popular in BFA. What this means is that as the week goes on the minimum bar needed to have a run register on the Blizzard APIs increases. We built a page to help players visualize this:


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