WoW BFA Recruitment

Now is the time to put on your recruiting boots!  The very beginning of any game or game expansion is a great time to recruit players for your guild.  There are lots of people that are coming to a game for the first time or returning after an extended absence.  This all means that they need a social group!

A couple weeks ago I talked about how we were in the beginning stages of recruiting for our guild.  Now that the expansion has launched we are starting to get a flood of potential recruits.  Last time I made a big push to recruit, I did so mostly by seeking out those players that posted to the general forums saying that they were looking for a guild.  I would send each of them a private message that was personalized to respond to what they were looking for.  While this proved very effective in a new game, this method was getting very little responses in WoW.  For one, we were a brand spankin new guild as far as anyone was concerned.  We didn’t have any wowprogress history or any impressive boss kill logs, so the serious players didn’t even consider us since they were getting lots of messages from already established guilds.

I was frustrated that all my hours of finding the perfect recruits were proving unfruitful.  So I made a change and rethought of how we could improve our headcount and be able to step foot into the new raids for BFA and hopefully reduce my load of administrative duties outside of game.  I mean, I wanted to play the game too!  I decided for my own sanity that I needed to cast a wider net and started to spend less time talking to applicants during the first week of the expansion and steering them to the community.

Communities are a new feature which allows you to join a new social group without leaving your current guild or having to pay for a server transfer.  I could see wow eventually making this THE new social experience in the future.  For those long time wow vets, a community is basically a custom chat channel with a member list interface.  I like this idea so much that instead of building up the “guild” we were using the community as our new “guild”  It was so easy to use.  Instead of a potential player having to wait to get an invite from someone, they can just enter a join code and instantly be connected with everyone else that’s online.

Getting people to talk to you is half the battle, and having them join a social group just gives us opportunity to introduce people to our group’s culture.  It takes a lot of work to join a new guild in any of these games, so if I can get them to play with us even just a little bit they may like that experience and want to hang around because of it.  Right now we are getting to know our potential raiders and just having fun.

3 thoughts on “WoW BFA Recruitment

  1. When I took over the guild, we were down to around 50 characters in the guild. I reality that was about 8 people, and 5 of them hadn’t logged into the game for awhile. When they passed lead to me the first thing I did was looked at the request to joins. There were quite a few. Over the months it grew. Any time I was in town I would read general or Trade. If someone said they were looking for a guild, I would message them. Eventually we were capped. I now run one of the most active guilds on the server(s). We are still averaging over 50 on at night. It’s not easy. But most of those that say it’s impossible really are not trying. Like you, I put in the work and got results.

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  2. Wow, getting a roster up to cap is quite the accomplishment. I would say the most I had in a guild at once was about 90 in a prelaunch game, and I only had that many since I assumed that I would lose about 50% of them in the first week XD There usually seems to be a flood if initial interest and then we lose a good chunk of them due to one reason or another. I’m curious how many we have, since I really have no idea.

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