Purple shirt…I want it so bad

There is a tailor recipe that only drops off of a specific mob in Razorfen Kraul called the Rich Purple Shirt and what started out as a quick way to farm some gold became a mild obsession of mine.  I started by farming the whole dungeon taking down every mob in the place.  This of course took forever.  I needed to trim down my time spent on this and make this farm a bit more efficient.  There were many reported drops form a mob called the Razorfen Beast Stalker which are in the front of the dungeon.  I started just farming the beginning of the dungeon, run out, reset, repeat.  I was doing this 10 runs at a time until I reached the instance cap and couldn’t zone in any longer.  At this point I was having a little bit of fun and started running a stop watch to see how fast I could go.  I got my runs down to about 3 minutes a piece on my mage.  After about  40 runs of this dungeon I hopped on my 110 goblin rogue and with sprint was able to get the runs down to about 2 minutes a run.

I have gotten a ton of cool looking transmog greens doing these runs.  Which I know these pieces sell for a lot, but they move sloooooow.  I’ll be honest, I’m hurting for gold right now.  I used to have some pretty reliable methods for making gold but now with Legion winding down the prices have been all over the place.  So I’ll keep farming my greens and if they don’t sell I’ll break them down into enchanting materials, after equipping them all for my own fashionable reasons.

My time this morning to run RFK 10 times was 21 minutes and 49 seconds and I still haven’t gotten my purple shirt!  I can’t tell you what I’ll do once it does drop.  I could sell it like I had originally planned or I can learn it and make some money from slow moving cosmetic items.  I’ll just have to let you know when I get it.  Happy farming all!

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