Dusting off the raiding boots

I took a long break from raiding starting in 2014 after a stint in a game that broke my spirit when it came to running a raiding guild.  This game was called Wildstar and it promised to be a hard core raiders dream.  It turned out that people didn’t stick with the raiding for one reason or another and our guild imploded leaving us a loss for what to do.  I can’t blame my extended hiatus from gaming solely on this experience.  Shortly after we stop playing together I was expecting my first child.  I won’t lie, pregnancy kicked my ass.  I spent a lot of time with my feet elevated playing tablet games.  As in a ton of Hearthstone.  Of course the first year of my daughter’s life proved difficult to get on the computer for anything longer nap time.  I picked up one of those games that I always find myself returning to, Star Wars Galaxies.  I mostly wanted to chat with people so I rolled an entertainer and watched the chat scroll as my character danced poorly for warriors preparing for the hunt.  Since the leveling part of this class could be done while I was AFK (Away from keyboard) I felt like I was progressing without having to be present the entire time.

And this was my gaming life for a while.  Of course I picked up the Legion expansion of WoW and had a blast for several months playing casually. I played through the revival of Secret World Legends.  I was enjoying the content but missed my friends and without friends to play with, an MMO soon loses its appeal.

Last year I found myself in the hospital and my husband brought the laptop with an old MMO installed.  To my delight the wi-fi worked well and I got to work leveling my character.  For 3 days, I played my heart out in this game and found a renewed sense of excitement that I haven’t felt for a long time.  The hubby and I got to level cap and started to build up our characters making them stronger each day.  When it came time to do the large scale content with groups of 25 people, I didn’t hesitate.  I wanted to raid again!

5 thoughts on “Dusting off the raiding boots

  1. Belated congrats on the baby. 😀

    I lost the raiding bug because I did not feel adequate enough in my ability to help win the day. Legion was the worst for me, and whispers from people on the raid team saying don’t worry, we can carry you really stung, but I never said anything. I just politely declined and tabbed our to play app games. Now we are at the start again, and I really want to hope I get the bug. Because like you said, it’s more fun playing with people.


    1. I’ve been there. I felt a bit discouraged playing my mage the past few weeks. I know I’m behind on gear, but it sucks being the worst in the group. I’m there right now, but hope to do better when there’s more incentive to keep up.

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  2. I ran my first raids ever in FF14 last year. Sometimes I wonder how I played MMOs most my life without ever doing raids before then.

    Unfortunately I’m between MMOs and don’t run with enough people for a static. So I did pug raiding. Man that’s a wild ride.


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