Start at the beginning

My first soiree into guild leadership happened in an explosion of drama, which I somehow became the catalyst.  “We are supposed to be a hard core guild,” I said “You can’t cancel a raid just because you can’t make it!!”  Our argument was a whirl of purple text from our in game whispers, which were anything but quiet.  Our guild was named Nox, which means night or something like that and we had a great start as a guild.  We were wracking up the accomplishments and able to brag that we were 4/5 in bosses defeated.  Only one more to go…and the Guild Leader was CANCELING!  “I won’t have it!”  I fumed, “this is not how this works!”

Cali has been removed from the guild

Kicked.  How can he kick me?  I wasn’t the problem.  From there I can only describe what came next as a scheme.  Like any respectable guild at the time we had a website where we all communicated daily and on this website I still had access.  I began my plea in a forum private mesage (PM) to all of my guildmates asking them to to reject the bad leadership and join me on a new adventure.  And join me they did!

I stood in our main city hub, staring at a blank text box asking me to name the guild.  I’m terrible at naming things.  I typed in some text and created the guild.  I knew that everyone would get a kick out of this temporary name that I picked and make me change it in a week.

You have joined Cali Killed Nox

Little did I know that we would play under that guild name for the next 4 years…

8 thoughts on “Start at the beginning

  1. Your old GM sounds very unreasonable, but at least you have a sense of humor about it! Good things do come from stuff like that, and it’s great you turned it around for yourself and your guild.


  2. Haha, that’s awesome. I’m glad I never had these kinda dictatorial guild leaders in my time as a raider. I’ve only been guild leader once, and that were the remains of an imploded guild where I was one of the remaining officers, not normal mode. Then at some point I decided I’d rather focus on not herding cats anymore 😛


    1. At the time having one decision maker either worked really well or really badly. I’ve had some great officers and not so great officers but that’s a story for another post 😉


  3. Love the name, can’t say he/she didn’t deserve it. I have been an officer in a similar situation back in WotLK, The GM would cancel raids because he couldn’t make it. Terrible leadership, so we all left that night, went into Nax and cleared it in two days with new leadership. I was allowed to lead the raid int he way that I saw fit and low and behold we downed the boss we had been stuck on in one shot fashion and kept the trend going the whole way through. Sometimes people like to feel like they are important without actually being important. It seems that’s what you proved to this GM.

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